Trump’s Most Interesting Supporter

  When you were 15 years old, what were you up to?  Chasing after girls?  Rebelling against your parents?  Investing stocks and spearheading charities?  Chances are you didn’t select the latter category.  But chances are you aren’t Edward Bourke, a 15 year-old Australian who spends his spare time investing in company stocks, gold or currency to […]

Michael Kelly Talks Election

This past weekend, countless Netflix viewers stayed cooped up in their dens, binge-watching the newly-released fourth season of “House of Cards”.  The most recent season follows antihero Frank Underwood battling in the Democratic primaries against the “outsider” candidate Heather Dunbar, who has immense wealth and has never held public office before.  Meanwhile, in the real […]

Inside DC’s New Restaurant

Earlier this month, a new restaurant opened on 1827 Adams Mill Road, near some luxury condos: Tail Up Goat, a place that served Mediterranean-inspired food.  The place is the result of a team of four working together: Jon Sybert and Bill Jensen of Komi fame and former Little Serow service director Jill Tyler.  Kevin Doyle, […]

Enhancing Success (According to Science)

What can you do to be successful?  There have been pages and pages of books written on the subject, and to further complicate the matter, the definition of “success” varies from person to person.  Yet whatever your definition of success is, you can take some scientifically-proven techniques to lead you onto the path of success; […]

What to Expect For New Hampshire

In the words of former New Hampshire governor John Sununu, “Iowa picks corn and New Hampshire picks presidents”.  While he’s clearly biased, New Hampshire is set to play a big role in the 2016 election; I recently came across an article discussing what New Hampshire means for this Presidential Election.  If the polls are right, […]

DC’s Snowgate

Nobody can deny that this past weekend was a snowy one for the Northeast.  Every city from Boston to DC was brought to its knees, as everybody buckled down for the weekend with their Netflix and cans of Campbell’s soup.  Official snow totals, which are kept and maintained by the National Weather Service, are measured […]

Tapping Into Brooklyn Cool

As recently as 20 years ago, Brooklyn had an image of toughness and grittiness, yet in the start of the millennium, Brooklyn’s relatively cheap rents began drawing artists and hip young people.  Leaving the rising prices in the East Village and Alphabet City, these people changed the image of the borough from New York’s eyesore […]

4 Online Business Mistakes

As society moves further and further into the digital age, online sales are becoming more and more important for businesses.  While there’s plenty of opportunity in the online world, there’s also a lot more competition from other entrepreneurs who are trying to reach the same people.  Yet despite this competition, there is a way to […]

Star Wars Awards?

Surprising nobody, the new Star Wars movie has been breaking no shortage of box office records.  After five days of being out, it had a total worldwide opening record of $529 million, the biggest worldwide opening and the only second time in cinematic history (the first was Jurassic World this past summer) that a film […]

Cruz Cartoon Controversy

Earlier, the Washington Post posted an animated cartoon by Ann Telnaes depicted Ted Cruz, dressed in a Santa suit, with his two daughters, aged 7 and 5, portrayed as organ grinder’s monkeys.  The cartoon was up for about several hours before it came under attack by conservatives, including Cruz himself, and was ultimately taken down. […]