Should You Invest in Company Culture?

Even if it’s become a buzzword thrown around more often than “synergy”, company culture is a lot more than something you read in a cover letter.  It’s something that embodies the values that shape a business and who works there.  It engages employees when nobody’s looking, helping a business work faster and smarter.  I recently […]

Facebook VS Instagram

You may have already known that Facebook owns Instagram.  While some marketers have viewed them as one and the same, that isn’t necessarily the case.  As anybody who uses them both can tell you, they’re quite different.  They do share certain features in common, but also have unique strengths and weaknesses from a marketing perspective. […]

Habits That Earn You Respect

The debate as to whether or not it’s better to be liked or respected has been raging since the dawn of time.  Is it possible to be both, or are they mutually exclusive?  I recently came across an article that discussed this question, and argues that yes, you can indeed be both.  Here is what […]

4 Online Business Mistakes

As society moves further and further into the digital age, online sales are becoming more and more important for businesses.  While there’s plenty of opportunity in the online world, there’s also a lot more competition from other entrepreneurs who are trying to reach the same people.  Yet despite this competition, there is a way to […]

Office Secret Santa Tips

With the Christmas season in the air, one popular office tradition, the “Secret Santa”, is in full swing.  It can be a fun way to engage your team and boost morale, while also helping certain coworkers connect with each other.  Yet if not done right, it can create a lot more anxiety.  I recently came […]

Franchising For Baby Boomers

By 2030, baby boomers will be 65 or older, and make up 20 percent of the US population.  While that sounds like an awful lot of retirees, many of these boomers won’t be “retired” in the traditional sense.  Merrill Lynch recently released a retirement study which concludes that in the near future, retirees will more […]

How to Deal With a Distracting Coworker

With a bunch people crammed into a small space, the office situation canbe filled with distractions.  While you might be blessed with a good crop of coworkers, nothing can be worse than sharing such a small space with somebody that you can’t stand; it’s disruptive, and makes it almost impossible for you to focus on […]

How to Build a Strong Work Culture in the Office

As an entrepreneur, it all begins with a simple idea. With hundred of online articles and published books that claim to know the secret to success, they all essentially boil down to one question: Are you the right leader? As a leader your, job is more than just to get your idea out to the […]

5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Know

To be an entrepreneur requires a wide array of skills, ranging from financial planning to human resource management.  Yet if you’ve got a good idea and a commitment to making it work, you can pick up most of these skills along the way.  Throughout the course of your business ownership, you’ll inevitably make mistakes, learn […]

Online Retail in Latin America

Online shopping has rapidly begun to spread in Latin America, helping to make it a prime target for foreign retailers.  According to the Latin America 500, it is currently the fastest-growing ecommerce market after China.  By 2020, it’s projected that Latin America will have 640 million consumers, and private consumption in the region will nearly […]