How to Build a Strong Work Culture in the Office

As an entrepreneur, it all begins with a simple idea. With hundred of online articles and published books that claim to know the secret to success, they all essentially boil down to one question: Are you the right leader? As a leader your, job is more than just to get your idea out to the […]

The Importance of Aesthetics in Business

When starting a company, chances are that you’ll learn about a ton of other companies that offer the same thing you do. Most of them will die off. To make sure you’re not in the group that dies, you will have to create the best impression for your potential customers and employees. A recent Forbes […]

How to Motivate Unproductive Workers

Sometimes it’s difficult to motivate someone in your company or business that doesn’t always carry his or her weight. ¬†You can try with increasing salary, providing more responsibility, and all of the other normal tools but at the end of the day if the employee doesn’t feel as though they’re appreciated by the office community […]