Living the Entrepreneur Lifestyle

Entrepreneurship is a unique lifestyle, and not everybody is cut out for it.  Yet for those who are, it’s an exciting and rewarding opportunity.  While the steps to build the entrepreneur lifestyle for yourself are simple enough, putting them all together and sticking with it can be pretty tough.  I recently read an article from […]

Should You Invest in Company Culture?

Even if it’s become a buzzword thrown around more often than “synergy”, company culture is a lot more than something you read in a cover letter.  It’s something that embodies the values that shape a business and who works there.  It engages employees when nobody’s looking, helping a business work faster and smarter.  I recently […]

Facebook VS Instagram

You may have already known that Facebook owns Instagram.  While some marketers have viewed them as one and the same, that isn’t necessarily the case.  As anybody who uses them both can tell you, they’re quite different.  They do share certain features in common, but also have unique strengths and weaknesses from a marketing perspective. […]

The Consequences of Pokemon Go

Since Nintendo and Niantic released it late last week, the mobile app “Pokemon Go” has taken the Internet by storm.   It’s gone far beyond the nostalgic 20-somethings who remember fondly the days of bringing their GameBoys onto the playground, and if you haven’t downloaded it yourself, chances are you’ve seen people who have.  Yet […]

Humanity in the Workplace

What does it mean to make your workplace more “human”?  With the current tech boom, it can be easy for organizations to strip out the human element and forget that they’re actually leading a team of people instead of machines.  This lack of “humanness” could be a major contributing factor to the number of disengaged […]

The Entrepreneurs Behind Savvy Society

Last year, young entrepreneurs Alexa Fleischman and Lauren Wallace started Savvy Society, which sells flat shoes to girls aged 6 to 12.  The girls are able to put custom decorations onto their shoes with a simple design program that incorporates a 3D printer.  Fleischman says she hopes computer-aided design program will get get girls excited […]

Signs You’re Successful

Ambitious people are bound to feel a bit like failures at times.  It’s inevitable that some of the lofty goals you have won’t be reached, leading to the creeping feeling that you aren’t living up to your expectations.  While you – and most other people – would like to think that you’re beyond that, in […]

Habits That Earn You Respect

The debate as to whether or not it’s better to be liked or respected has been raging since the dawn of time.  Is it possible to be both, or are they mutually exclusive?  I recently came across an article that discussed this question, and argues that yes, you can indeed be both.  Here is what […]

President Trump Headline

Yesterday’s Boston Globe released a satirical front page that was meant to warn readers about what they think could happen if Donald Trump became President.  The fake front page, dating April 2017, features such headlines as “Deportations to Begin”, “Markets sink as trade war looms” and “New libel law targets ‘absolute scum’ in press”.  While […]

DC’s Lego World

If you’re looking for a crazy experience in DC this spring, then you’re in luck.  On April 30, Dupont Underground will be unveiling an all-white installation made from 650,000 translucent plastic balls from the shuttered National Building Museum exhibition.  Yet this isn’t just like any ball pit.  Rather, it’s set to transform 7,000 square feet […]