Should You Invest in Company Culture?

Even if it’s become a buzzword thrown around more often than “synergy”, company culture is a lot more than something you read in a cover letter.  It’s something that embodies the values that shape a business and who works there.  It engages employees when nobody’s looking, helping a business work faster and smarter.  I recently […]

The Entrepreneurs Behind Savvy Society

Last year, young entrepreneurs Alexa Fleischman and Lauren Wallace started Savvy Society, which sells flat shoes to girls aged 6 to 12.  The girls are able to put custom decorations onto their shoes with a simple design program that incorporates a 3D printer.  Fleischman says she hopes computer-aided design program will get get girls excited […]

How to Build a Strong Work Culture in the Office

As an entrepreneur, it all begins with a simple idea. With hundred of online articles and published books that claim to know the secret to success, they all essentially boil down to one question: Are you the right leader? As a leader your, job is more than just to get your idea out to the […]

Online Retail in Latin America

Online shopping has rapidly begun to spread in Latin America, helping to make it a prime target for foreign retailers.  According to the Latin America 500, it is currently the fastest-growing ecommerce market after China.  By 2020, it’s projected that Latin America will have 640 million consumers, and private consumption in the region will nearly […]

5 Essential Tools To Run Your Business From Anywhere

According to a recent survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 23 percent of Americans worked from home during 2014. Working from home is a great opportunity as you can avoid long commutes, work in a less stressful environment, and have more flexibility with how you work. However, working from can present certain challenges such […]

Google Transitioning Into New Holding Company, Alphabet

As the Google founders put it 11 years ago, “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.” Over the past decade, the company has has time and time again proven this statement to be correct. There announcement yesterday, is not different. In a statement released yesterday, Google has announced that […]

Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs

With ever-growing technology trends and increasing interest in startup businesses, now is as good of a time as ever to become an entrepreneur and grow a business from the ground up. It is easier than ever to promote your business through free online marketing trends rather than paying for expensive advertising campaigns. So, if you […]

Bears Painting a Grim Picture

After nearly six years of a surging American stock market, investors are getting worried about how much longer it will actually last.  Suddenly, the views of Wall Street bears are getting a lot more attention.  These bears build their case that a crisis is near on four factors: falling oil prices, stagnant wages, a strong […]

Business Lessons From Navy SEALs

The Navy SEALs are a tough bunch of guys, who have been getting things done for the United States for a long time now.  As a SEAL, planning a mission in special operations can take anywhere from five minutes to five days, and decision-making criteria spans a broad scope of considerations, ranging from the terrain, […]

Top Apps for Entrepreneurs

Since the development of the smartphone, it seems like there’s a smartphone app for just about everything.  A lot of these apps seem to serve no practical purpose apart from taking up space on your phone, but that’s not to say that there isn’t a world of potential in the world of mobile apps.  A […]