Recognizing Great Talent

It’s tough to find exceptional talent in a business.  Therefore, making talent recruitment a top priority in your business could do wonders to the success of an organization.  It can be difficult to find great talent just through looking at a resume or cover letter, so finding the telltale signs of great talent is essential. […]

Business Tips From Steve Martin

When it comes to comedy, there are few people as influential and recognizable as Steve Martin.  He was able to sell out a stadium that seats forty -five thousand people, a feat nearly unfathomable for a comedian.  In his autobiography, “Born Standing Up”, Martin shares with readers how he spent 10 years working on his […]

Using Social Media

It’s not news that any business that doesn’t take advantage of social media is severely missing out.  You can post on Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media site, but how do you get people to listen?  I recently came across an article that discusses what you need to get more mentions on social media. […]

How to do Favors

I recently came across an article in Entrepreneur about the politics of doing business favors.  While it’s not often covered, doing favors is a huge part of the business world.  What’s important to realize about doing favors is that it’s not about saying yes or no.  Rather, it’s about how you say yes or no. […]

Valuable Sales Lessons

If you’ve ever worked in sales, or know somebody who has, then you know that it’s a long, difficult path.  Every single day, sales reps deal with rejections, objections, hang-ups and difficult people.  A salesperson needs to meet these obstacles with quick, calculated responses, endless positivity and of course drive.  Entrepreneurs face these exact same […]

Starting With a Demand

So many times, people come up with great idea, but nonetheless it falls flat and their business goes to nothing.  They could very well have a great idea.  The problem, however, is that these entrepreneurs base their business around an idea, as opposed to a market need.  Having a good idea is one thing.  Making […]

Working With Millennials

Every new generation has something that the previous one truly doesn’t understand or like.  Baby Boomers were called hippies, Generation X were seen as slackers and the newest generation, Millennials, are viewed as narcissistic, difficult to work with and extremely entitled.  However, whatever you feel about the new generation, they are still the future of […]

The Importance of Aesthetics in Business

When starting a company, chances are that you’ll learn about a ton of other companies that offer the same thing you do. Most of them will die off. To make sure you’re not in the group that dies, you will have to create the best impression for your potential customers and employees. A recent Forbes […]