Now Hiring

Signs like this might scare some entrepreneurs, but it’s an important step in the process of growing a business.

While some entrepreneurs might be hesitant to give up control of their business, the time will come when they have to make the first hire.  In a recent article, the weekly column “The Grind” wrote about this experience.  This could be a scary ordeal for entrepreneurs, fearful that they’re not hiring the right person, or that they might be making the wrong hire.  But if an entrepreneur wants their company to grow, then they need to start hiring employees.

Many entrepreneurs are focused on finding an employee that shares their values and is interested in what the business is doing.  Some suggest hiring somebody from their own “network”, so to speak, somebody with whom they’re at least familiar.  This might work for some, but not for others.

For many startups, bringing in the first employee can be a financial problem.  If you’re hiring employees, it’s a good idea to be upfront about the company’s financial situation and sell prospective employees on the vision and growth potential of the business.  If an employee is passionate about what the company does, then they’re less likely to be worried about a low salary.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to teach and develop your first employee.  The faster they can understand your business, the sooner that they can become a valuable asset.  It’s oftentimes not a good idea to hire a specialist, unless you absolutely need to.  Rather, it’s often-times smarter to have somebody who is good at a multiple things instead of being an expert in just a few fields.  The desire to learn and become an expert will instill a strong drive in the employee.

Finally, it’s important to share responsibilities with the new hire.  If you just upload all of your work onto the new hire, then they’ll be less likely to stay on.  A great way to show respect to your employee is to allow them to take on big responsibilities with you.