Adam Kidan Great TalentIt’s tough to find exceptional talent in a business.  Therefore, making talent recruitment a top priority in your business could do wonders to the success of an organization.  It can be difficult to find great talent just through looking at a resume or cover letter, so finding the telltale signs of great talent is essential.  I recently came across an article that discusses some of the traits of talented people, and how you can recognize them in prospective employees.

A talented person isn’t afraid of their future, but rather excited about their career and goals, and what they’re going to come across on the way.  When you’re speaking with job candidates, ask them about their long-term goals.  Those with great talent will use this opportunity to talk about their prospective future with the company and what they plan to accomplish if you choose to hire them.

Great talent is prepared for any situation, and the ability to think and act on the spot is something that not everybody has.  Those with top-notch talent know every single letter and spacing of their resume, have their portfolio ready at a moment’s notice and can answer any interview question you throw at them without stumbling over their thoughts.

Much like in any situation, identifying the fine line between confidence and arrogance when identifying top talent can be difficult.  However, people who are confident can handle any situation you throw at them, and accept the reality that it’s ultimately alright if you’re wrong sometimes.  During an interview, ask your candidates about their weaknesses, and keep your eye out for a candidate who is able to confidently speak about weaknesses and explain the lessons that they’ve learned.

Truly talented people possess a wide range of skills, which they in turn can successfully transfer to different roles.  Ask potential candidates about a time when they had to try something new or apply their skills in an unusual situation.  Any good candidate will be able to share an experience or two.

Results are important, and talented people put results first.  They’re passionate about accomplishing their goals both in their careers and personal lives.  Somebody with “top talent” tends to discuss what they want to accomplish once hired without the interviewer even having to ask.

Bright people tend to be curious.  Due to this, they usually ask questions to learn more about any organization they’re involved with and how it functions.  During the interview, talented candidates will ask questions about what they’re expected to accomplish if they’re hired.  They’ll inquire about the positive characteristics of the top performers at the company and about what it takes to truly drive results.

A lot of organizations tend to constantly update their goals and implement new strategies.  Top talent will be able to adjust to such changes without becoming derailed from success.  Ask a candidate about a time when they needed to quickly adapt to a new situation and what happened.

No matter what business you’re involved with, risk taking is an important part.  Somebody who is talented won’t be afraid of pushing the envelope in an effort to discover new ideas.  Ask a candidate about a time where they had to take a risk.  Their response should provide significant insight about whether or not they can take big enough risks.

As cliché as it sounds, passion is a trait that sets those with great talent apart from less interesting and promising candidates.  When a talented person is passionate about what they do, then they won’t be afraid to tell a prospective employer about it.  When somebody is truly passionate, a hiring manager can see it in their personality and previous experience.

A strong communicator has the ability to take organizations to the next level.  When speaking to candidates over the phone or in person or exchanging emails, listen to how they communicate.  More than anything else, this gives employers an indication of their overall communication skills.