Signs you're successful by Adam KidanAmbitious people are bound to feel a bit like failures at times.  It’s inevitable that some of the lofty goals you have won’t be reached, leading to the creeping feeling that you aren’t living up to your expectations.  While you – and most other people – would like to think that you’re beyond that, in reality most people equate material possessions with success at the back of their minds.  It’s hard not to feel like the most successful people are those with the biggest houses, most expensive toys and richest friends.  Yet real success isn’t about the porsche in your garage, it’s about how far you’ve come.  Here are some signs that you’ve actually been successful, even if you don’t recognize it, based off an article that I found on LinkedIn:

You’re not the center of the universe any more: There are plenty of “successful” people who act like they’re the center of the universe.  But that isn’t success; true success requires the ability to feel empathy and recognize that success isn’t possible without other people.

You stay positive: Hope and optimism are essential to happiness.  Dwelling on the things that go wrong makes you bitter and resentful, which in turn leads to failure.  Real success means always seeing the bright side and believing that you can make things better.

You know failure isn’t forever: The only people who never fail are those that never try.  Failure doesn’t mean that you’re a failure, so instead you try to embrace each failure as an opportunity to learn something.  The biggest breakthroughs tend to come when you’re feeling the most frustrated, which will force you to think differently.

You keep things in perspective: Bad things can happen, but things can always be worse.  Things like locking your keys in the car or getting passed over for a promotion aren’t that bad once you know how to develop perspective.

You can ask for help: Refusing to ask for help is a sign of emotional immaturity.  Being able to ask for help simply means you don’t feel like you have something to prove by being perfect, and shows you aren’t afraid of people discovering your weaknesses.

You realize life isn’t a zero-sum game: Just because somebody else achieves a major success, it doesn’t mean you suffer an equal proportion of loss.  One sure sign of success is the ability to celebrate others’ achievements with genuine enthusiasm.

You can tell the difference between drama and excitement: If you prefer stability and depth to drama, then you’re succeeding in life.

You don’t care what other people think: When you’re true to yourself and your principles and satisfied with your life, and understand that other peoples’ opinions are nothing more than opinions, then you’ve truly “made it”.

You accept what you can’t change and change what you can: There’s a difference between pessimism and practicality.  There are some things you can’t control, but taking responsibility for changing the things you can is a major indicator of success.