Surprising nobody, the new Star Wars movie has been breaking no The force awakensshortage of box office records.  After five days of being out, it had a total worldwide opening record of $529 million, the biggest worldwide opening and the only second time in cinematic history (the first was Jurassic World this past summer) that a film had opened to more than $500 million globally.  The film itself had a huge budget; an estimated $200 million for production, that rises to $423 million when you add in marketing, printing and advertising costs.  Yet despite this ridiculously large budget, Disney has already broken even at $610 million, and is easily expected to gross over $1 billion, and possibly pass into the $2 billion field, overtaking James Cameron’s “Avatar”.

To make it even better, The Force Awakens has received a very warm reception from fans and critics, especially when compared to the prequels of the late 90s and early 00s, which were met with universal hostility.  Yet it might also be earning some awards, thanks to a nomination by the Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) for the Critics’ Choice best picture award.  It’s joining 10 nominees that had been announced the week before, although was added due to demand from members.  This is the only award that the film will be up for when the Critics’ Choice awards ceremony comes up on January 17th.

A delayed nomination is unusual but not unheard of before; back in 2000, Cast Away was belatedly added to the nominations list.  The Force Awakens wasn’t shown early enough for BFCA members to vote for it in the initial awards ballot, but members were polled this week to see if they would have voted it as one of their top five films of the year had they seen it before the voting deadline.  Although the film’s popularity is a major factor, the results made it clear that this movie belonged in the top 10.  If you’d like to learn more about the choice, you can click here!