Graphic Designer

A good graphic designer can be the difference between success and failure as a startup company.

When starting a company, chances are that you’ll learn about a ton of other companies that offer the same thing you do. Most of them will die off. To make sure you’re not in the group that dies, you will have to create the best impression for your potential customers and employees. A recent Forbes article goes over some of the best reasons to invest in a great designer.

The digital age requires startups to have sites that are beautiful, simple and easy to use. A site like that is a prerequisite for people to take a company seriously. The role and responsibilities of a designer therefore have been especially important in the last decade. Designers now have to make sites beautiful enough that people like visiting, but also functional enough that it works with all kinds of browsers and display capabilities. Finding a designer with the very special skill set of handling aesthetic and function simultaneously is difficult. But it’s worth it.

Here are some things to consider when looking for one:

1. They should be able to give examples of not just sites they developed, but also how they developed those sites. A good designer should have been immersed with the coding process at some point, and should thus be excited to share some of their experience.

2. Their designs should be tailored for the end user, not for the designer to show off. Good designers would be able to talk about consideration for the user that changed the design process for them. If their designs solved problems for the user in a large way, they’re as valuable a designer as you’re going to find.

3. They should be active in the designer community. They should be confident enough to share their work on sites like, where they could be critiqued by expert designers.

4. They should have enough knowledge of things that have gone viral to know what kind of user experience will encourage people to share content and keep visiting.

Designers this good are rare, and may cost a company some money to find and hire. But with how important having a good designer is, the cost is probably worth it.