New York City is one of the most traveled-to destinations in not only the United States, but in the world. Home to five different boroughs, the Empire State Building, Times Square, and a multitude of other iconic sites, NYC is a global influencer when it comes to art, culture, fashion, and finance. Here are three distinct reasons New York City is known for derived from TimeOut New York’s article entitled, 50 Reasons Why NYC is the Best City in the World.

Adam Kidan

The infamous NYC skyline

To start this list let’s mention the New York Skyline – widely recognized as being the most iconic skyline in all of the world due to it’s iconic skyscrapers like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and now – One World Trade Center. The 20th century was Manhattan’s supreme skyline building state, which included the dearly missed Twin Towers that helped established New York as one of the most powerful cities in the world in terms of finance and growth.  In recent news, One World Trade Center has just opened it’s observatory to the public, complete with breathtaking views of the entire city.  So if you really want to get a good look from what the skyline looks like from up top, don’t miss out on an opportunity to visit the observatory (just make sure you don’t have vertigo first).

Adam Kidan

Broadway’s Rodgers & Hammerstein

Home to Broadway, New York is known for its beloved musical scene that triumphs any other city’s. 1866 was when New York debuted its first six-hour long pageant that was considered the world’s first ever musical.  According to TimeOut New York:

“Many of the most innovated, memorable musicals of our time came to maturity on the Great White Way, from the golden age of Rodgers and Hammerstein and the rise of Sondheim to the unorthodox,form-reinventing hits of the past decade like Avenue Q, Spring Awakening, and The Book of Mormon.” (50 Reasons Why NYC is the Best City in the World).

Broadway continues to be the mecca for musical lovers, pursuing actors, and of course, dreams.

Adam Kidan

NYC Graffiti

Lastly, forget about more bounce in California – New York is home to hip hop and does it better than any other city. NYC is the birthplace of rap, all the way from when DJ Kool Herc Campbell and MC Coke La Rock brought in “break beats at Jamaican-style toasting at a back-to-school shindig 40 years ago, inventing a genre that’s since come to dominate popular music,” (50 Reasons Why NYC is the Best City in the World). Since then, the rap evolution has dominated in the five boroughs from artists like Grandmaster Flash and the Sugarhill Gang, Run-D.M.C. and, of course, Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and the Notorious B.I.G. And that’s just to name a famous few.

There you have it, three unique why New York City is just a little better than any other city in the world.  To read the full list, check out TimeOut New York’s article here.